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Miller Farms Raw Milk

We’ll keep it simple. Please note that our milk is only available for PICK-UP at our dairy farm in LaCoste, Texas. 

We cannot ship products.

You can leave a message using the contact form below or call us directly at: (210) 508-1733

Milk is available for pick-up 24/7 on the honor system:

Miller Farms Raw Milk

12730 FM 471 So. 

LaCoste, TX 78039

Please mail checks payable to:

Miller Farms

P.O. Box 731 

LaCoste, TX 78039

Raw Milk Prices

$8.00 Raw Milk Gallon 

$4.50 Raw Milk Half Gallon

Miller Farms is 15 miles west of San Antonio. This is a family farm with Jersey and Jersey cross cows. This farm is a licensed Grade A Raw Milk for retail dairy. Raw milk is available by the gallon. (Recommended by www.RealMilk.com)

The benefits of raw milk are too many to count. Recapture your health!

Our cows are grass-fed and given absolutely NO hormones and NO antibiotics. 

Thank you for your vote of support. We encourage Texans to call their state representatives and demand passage of HB 46 to allow delivery and farmer’s market sales of raw milk, a product that has increased in demand three-fold in Texas over the last few years.

Free Range Eggs

$5.00 One Dozen Free Range Eggs

We also offer grass-fed, free-range chicken eggs. 

Eggs are available for pick-up 24/7 on the honor system:

Miller Farms Raw Milk

12730 FM 471 So. 

LaCoste, TX 78039

Please mail checks payable to: 

Miller Farms

P.O. Box 731 

LaCoste, TX 78039

Give customers a reason to do business with you.


Throughout this website, statements are made pertaining to the nutritional health benefits of raw milk and/or alkaline water. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Miller Farms Raw Milk

12730 Fm 471, La Coste, Texas 78039, United States

(210) 508-1733

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Love the taste of raw milk, it's so rich creamy and delicious. I could never go back to store bought milk, store bought milk smells rancid to me right of the shelf.

Iris S.

Great service and amazing quality Milk. We have been a loyal Miller Farms Milk customers for about 5 years and always very satisfied.

Maria H.

Is very good milk and service. Love it, the Fresh eggs give it a try. The only and best around😊

Rafael M.

Nothing beats a fresh ice cold glass of real cow juice (milk) ... highly recommended. The difference between the store bought stuff and Miller Farms, highly notable in everything you use to consume your milk from your favorite dish to dunking your favorite cookie.  Milk it does a body good

Sally D.

My family loves Miller's raw milk & cream! My 4yo hasn't been able to drink cow's milk for 2 yrs, til we started him on the raw milk. Now I can make butter that he can eat too. It is so delicious!

Michael R.

This farm has amazing milk. I have been buying my milk here for some time now and its wonderful every time. The cream is glorious and turns into the most amazing butter. When you are lucky they have other wonderful goods as well like grass fed beef, pastured pork in the form of sausage and bacon, and they seem to have fresh honey every time I go as well. Be sure to take cash.

Ray B.

I have been coming here for 6 months now and although it's about an hour drive for me (live north of Stone Oak), I don't mind it at all because it's so worth it. As others mentioned the quality of the butter, eggs, cheese, meat, and milk is just perfect, fresh, and so yummy! I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Miller and he was just so nice, attentive, respectful, kind, humble, and down to earth. On my first visit, it had been raining for days and the roads were flooded, I was desperate to get my 11 month old raw milk instead of giving her formula that she refused. I called Mr. Miller and explain that I was stuck and couldn't get to the farm due to the water levels. He told me to go to the nearest gas station off of 90 and wait for someone to bring me the milk! Talk about customer service, I was so happy and amazed at their kindness to help me out. On my last visit, I didn't expect to purchase so much, but I couldn't resist and he offered me a cooler, filled it up with my groceries and ice, then he put it in my car. He trusted that a stranger would bring back his cooler, and they do everything on the honor system. You just don't find people like that anymore. I wish we lived closer but so thankful there's a place and people like the Millers.